Large spacious rooms with bed, window, desk, chair and wardrobe
Large spacious rooms with bed, window, desk, chair and wardrobe
寄宿家庭 达拉斯得克萨斯美国 Homestay Dallas Texas USA
寄宿家庭 达拉斯得克萨斯美国 Homestay Dallas Texas USA

我们为中国留学生提供寄宿家庭 美国德克萨斯州达拉斯 We Provide Homestay for Chinese International Students in Dallas, Texas, USA  









我们位于 Bishop Lynch 高中 和 Lakehill 预备学校附近。

 Bishop Lynch High School and Lakehill Preparatory School.

Our doors are open to new exciting invaluable experiences that help bridge cultural differences for students as well as for our family, friends, and community.


We began hosting International students in August of 2016.


Students gain American experiences with a Chinese perspective, which will include a relevant and challenging education, exploring local sights, entertainment, unfamiliar foods, how to talk and interact with people from other cultures, and participating in daily living routines.


Whether a student stays for a few months or several school years, they will benefit from many enriching experiences. They will make many new acquaintances and friendships for a lifetime. Staying in touch with their new friends will further improve English skills and possible connections and opportunities with American companies in their home country. In return, our own children also benefit from the introduction and exposure of international students of the same age group and different cultural customs. We learn as much from the students as they learn from us.
Students are provided their own private rooms, and will join our family for meals and take part in our normal daily routine.  They will spend evenings and free time with our family, having social time with us, and engaging themselves in our way of life in the U.S.


We are located near Bishop Lynch High School and Lakehill Preparatory School.

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We are located near Dallas Texas USA. Our Schools: Bishop Lynch High School and Lakehill Preparatory School.


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