Large spacious rooms with bed, window, desk, chair and wardrobe
Large spacious rooms with bed, window, desk, chair and wardrobe
寄宿家庭 达拉斯得克萨斯美国 Homestay Dallas Texas USA
寄宿家庭 达拉斯得克萨斯美国 Homestay Dallas Texas USA

为什么选择我们 Why Pick Us


我们都是受过教育的父母,凭借我们 经验,我们能够很好地管理孩子。


餐 - 你的食物不会是惊恐,我们会提供中国菜和美国菜。
活动 - 一个篮球场,游泳池和图书馆都在我们家附近。 有时,我们计划出游,如去六旗游乐园,城市空气(蹦床健身房)和一些其他的娱乐场所。
我们位于附近 Bishop Lynch High School 和 Lakehill Preparatory School.

Why should your family pick us as a homestay 寄宿家庭 family?

  • We live in a very safe neighborhood.
  • We provide transportation to and from Private High Schools in the area.
  • We are both educated Parents, and with our experience we are able to manage the children well.
  • We are bi-lingual and speak English fluently as well as some Chinese.
  • Meals - your food will not be a shock, we mix the Chinese cuisine with American cuisine.
  • Activities - a basketball court, swimming pool and library are all nearby. On occasion we plan special outings such as visiting Six Flags (Amusement Park), Urban Air (Trampoline Gym) and some of the local area sites.
  • We are located near Bishop Lynch High School and Lakehill Preparatory School.


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We are located near Dallas Texas USA. Our Schools: Bishop Lynch High School and Lakehill Preparatory School.


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- Access to North Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Wylie and Garland Texas Private High Schools .我们为中国留学生提供寄宿家庭 美国德克萨斯州达拉斯